S10 Electric Scooter with Premium 8″ Tires, 17 Mile Range and 15.5 MPH

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  • Strong Power E Scooter – The adult electric powered scooter features a quiet 250W brushless motor, boasting top speed of 15.5 MPH with a stable driving experience, 8 inch pneumatic front tire and solid rear tire, and hold a max weight of 265 lbs.Tackles steep 20° hills with ease,
  • 7.5 Ah Large Capacity Battery: Fitted with 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery, the scooter can provide long full mileage 12-17 miles, up to 17 Miles range.Full charged for only 3-4 hours, will hold climbing ability 20 degrees.
  • Three Gears with Headlight & Rearlig: Three gears (6.25MPH, 12.5MPH, 15.5MPH), easy to change through a button on the LED display which also shows the battery and the gear clearly. 1W LED Headlight and rearlight double insure your safety.
  • High Level Security: This S10 electric scooter applies dual brake system (a motor electronic brake on the handlebar and a foot friction rear brake on the back wheel) with CE/UL/FCC/RoHS safety certification. The pedal is made of Malleable Maple Wooden, which is more durable. You can easily cross all kinds of roads, reduce bumps and keep you feel comfortable.
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$299.99$360.00 (-17%)



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7500mAh Large-Capacity Battery

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11 Reviews For This Product

  1. 11

    Danielle Ballard

    This scooter has come in handy for me at work. I use it to get from my parked car to the building a half mile way. The scooter fits compactly in my trunk and I’m able to store it and lock it so it’s secure in the locker room. My max speed was 15mph! I usually cruise at 10-12mph!

  2. 11

    Donovan Anderson

    The scooter itself has been perfect for what I use it for! The speed is accurate, and down hills I can even push about 20mph. Standing on this scooter is easy, and I feel supported even without a seat.Overall, I’d say it’s worth the money!

  3. 11

    Andrea Gomez

    So far pretty decent for the money. I use it to commute for parking lot to my work place, It does great for that

  4. 11

    Kristi Davis

    The speed is great for me, 3 different speeds. Seems like battery life is good, lasts a long time. I am 60 and it is so fun to run down to the mailbox or over to the pool.

  5. 11

    Jake Tarry

    I camp almost every weekend during the summer and I bought this to get around the campgrounds. I have ridden it enough to have to charge the battery a couple times, which is actually pretty far! I was surprised how long the battery lasts, you can definitely cover a few miles each way to something with confidence. I’m 200 lbs and the top speed on flat smooth pavement is about 15 mph for me. My girlfriend is much lighter than me and it goes faster for her. Downhill I have seen 19 mph. Overall, it’s a great value for anyone needing a way to efficiently commute!

  6. 11

    Kathy Nguyen

    This has been such an amazing experience. I use it 2 to 3 times a week to get to work and it’s an awesome scooter. 

  7. 11

    Sheryl Harper

    I have only had it 3 days now but have enjoyed riding it around the rv park. I put on about 5 miles on it before the battery gage dropped off the full charge indicator. It got down to about half charge around 6+ miles, so am really happy about the battery life. I was hoping to not feel each pebble I ran over on the road and you have to watch out for wide cracks on the concrete

  8. 11

    Tami Hernandez

    I used to pay anywhere from $10-35 dollars a week to use Bird Scooters which really racked up a large bill. This scooter is pretty great. Upon receiving it, I had to do a tiny bit of assembling. I assume that it’s just easier to be shipped when it comes to components. Basically, I had to put the two handles on and attach a wheel. The instructions had images as well as descriptions so it was easy to follow. In total, it probably took me about 15 minutes to get everything together on my own. The actual scooter runs well. The battery life is great and quick charging. I think I had a full charge in about 2 hours. It’s quite a smooth ride – comparable to the older Bird scooters. This scooter can go pretty fast too!

  9. 11

    Jordan Fox

    This thing is great. We ordered 2 of them to zoom around the neighborhood, and I couldn’t be happier. These are really fun once you get familiar with riding the scooter.

  10. 11

    Katrina Holloway

    Smooth Ride, easy to use, easy to carry, love to different speeds water resistant, and more stable than the other’s I have tried, I feel safer with this electric scooter

  11. 11

    N. Taylor

    Nice big footboard, Long battery life, my son uses it to and from school (6th) grade. It does slow up a bit going uphill. I enjoy using it also and my weight is 190lb. It has a led font light and a brake light. The charge time for this scooter is between 4-5 hours for a full charge. I like to run it down to the last battery block before charging it. There is also a power brake trigger that is a bit sensitive, but effective. It will slow you down quickly, just note that you may want to brace for stopping to anticipate the slowdown. Overall, this is a solid scooter and hope it lasts us for years.

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S10 Electric Scooter with Premium 8" Tires, 17 Mile Range and 15.5 MPH

$299.99$360.00 (-17%)

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