Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Programmable 7 Button Mouse and Keyboard

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  • 【Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse】Both keyboard and mouse backlit is switchable among the pre-setting light effect modes (21 different light modes for the keyboard, 7 modes for the mouse). The brightness and light-changing speed are adjustable. Support to customize and record 3 groups of backlit modes.
  • 【Professional Blue Switches Anti-Ghosting Keyboard】The classical blue switch design provides a “clicky” and tactile feedback, deliver accurate, responsive key commands for typing and gaming. 100% anti-ghosting gaming keyboard with full key rollover, your perfect choice for different games.
  • 【Gaming Mouse】With 6 Dots Per Inch levels available and a high-precision positioning game engine for accurate positioning and stable transmission, can easily adjust the Dots Per Inch from 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 Dots Per Inchto match the mouse speed instantly for different game scenarios.
  • 【Durability & Ergonomic Comfort】The high-quality Aluminium alloy top case ensures longer product life. The suspended keycap keyboard and skin-friendly surface mouse provides a comfortable games and typing experience for long time.
  • 【Keyboard Mouse Combo Support】Features 12 multimedia key combinations.Universally works with Windows, Linux, Chrome and MAC OS system. (*Note: the multimedia shortcut key combinations are not available in MAC/ Linux system.)
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$69.99$79.99 (-13%)



Mechanical Keyboard Features:

1. Colorful & changeable lighting with 21 different backlit modes

2. 12 multimedia shortcut key combinations (Fn + F1 ~ F12)

3. Premium quality, comfortable for typing and playing games

4. User-friendly design, no driver needed, plug and play

5. All 104 buttons supported by anti-ghosting, WIN key locked for the best gaming experience.

6. Optimized design on keys for rapid command entry

7. Switchable game modes and office work mode

Gaming mouse Features:

1. 6 gears of speed :800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 Dots Per Inch

Circular and colorful breathing light effect, and with Dots Per Inch switch flashing indicator function:


2. 7 kinds of light effect:Breathing mode;Colorful Streaming mode;Rainbow mode;Floe light mode;Waltz mode;4-Seasons mode;LED OFF

3. The RGB light mode can be adjusted by “LED switch button”.


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    *full disclosure: I received this keyboard/mouse for free in exchange for my honest feedback.The keyboard:Very, very good for the price. The blue switches are very nice and clicky. They keys are not wobbly at all either and the metal design of the keyboard ensures it is very sturdy with literally no flex. There are a ton of programmable lighting effects all of which let you adjust their speed and brightness. There are media playback buttons (although not dedicated) The brightness is on par with my Logitech keyboard. There’s an included key cap puller which is a nice touch and the braided USB cable is also nice. If I had to say something I dislike about the keyboard, it would be the fact that each section of keys is a different color. I’d rather have customizable colors (not expected at this price) or a single color throughout. A reason why I think this is because you have the option to only illuminate the WASD and arrow keys which is nice for gaming, but the W, A, and S keys are red while the D key is yellow.The mouse:Although it is not my favorite mouse, it is decent. The buttons take a little more force to click than my Logitech mouse, which isn’t a bad thing. This mouse is a little wide, but hey, it’s rgb and has a dedicated button to easily adjust the DPI. The mouse is very sturdy, has a braided USB cable, and slightly on the heavy side. As with the keyboard, there’s also some adjustible lighting modes with the option for no light as well. There are less lighting effects and options with the mouse than with the keyboard.Overall I highly recommend this keyboard and mouse combo and at this price, it is truly unbeatable!The box is fairly nice and there’s also an easy to understand user manual, which is ideal.

  2. 10


    Bought this as a starter “gaming” keyboard and ended up discovering it comes with (unbranded) cherry mx blue mechanical switches (clicky and tactile). After taking it apart to look at the PCB I learned the layout is very simple. Totally unserviceable but for $30 this thing is a great value. The mouse it comes with isn’t bad either, compares to the razr deathadder if that’s your thing. The key caps are very high profile. RGB could be better but at this price point they had to skip on something. Absolutely worth it.

  3. 10

    White Chocolate

    This is, by far, the best keyboard I have ever typed on. To begin, it is very well lit. Every key has lighting so each is very bright. Other lighted keyboards often placed LEDs at the bottom and the number row and F key rows are so dim you can’t see them. This keyboard is bright on every single row and the number pad. There are also so many adjustments so you can get the lighting just how you like.However, the best feature of all is the mechanical keyboard! I really can’t believe it! I am a very fast typist and this mechanical keyboard reminds me of the old IBM Selectric typewriters! It has the perfect amount of travel, clicky keys with audible and tactile feedback.All I can say is my speed has even increased more. Keys are the right size, in the right place and the mechanical keys making typing fast and error free a pleasure. You may be turned off by the noise of the keys, but really, it is an advantage.I have NEVER had such an excellent keyboard. Great job, Havit!

  4. 10

    R4LDZ ✅

    This is my second purchase of a Havit mechanical KB and mouse combo. The first one was with a palm rest, it was a PC setup for a family, and it was excellent, they loved it. I have another build and my nephew doesn’t like using a palm rest, so I decided to get him this combo instead. It is a good discount without the palm rest.I wish the packaging opens from the top and not from the sides. Keyboards + mouse are easier to unbox that way. But other than that, this combo is excellent. Once you take these out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is how premium quality this product is. The aluminum top frame feels very rigid and won’t bend under pressure. The keycaps are made of plastic with a matte finish. Comparatively, my primary KB has smooth keycaps and they retain skin oils. So, this matte finish is easier to maintain and clean. The blue switches are really clicky, majority of gamers love clicky keys. But these keys are a little softer to press compared to mainstream mechanical KB blue switches. But tactile feedback is still excellent. Testing this KB + mouse combo on some FPS game gave surprising results. Feedback is good and no key delays or lag. I’m not a big fan of RGB lights, I just set them to “breathing” mode and forget about it. This KB+mouse combo has customizable RGB lights. You can customize them using software, but you can also change them using the FN keys, no need to install additional software. Same thing with the mouse that has a button to change RGB style. You can change the DPI settings on the fly on the mouse to 6 different settings, but there is no default for 1200 DPI which most gamers use, the next best thing is 1600 DPI which is only a very small difference in my opinion. I was able to game with this keyboard for 2 hours straight without any problem. Performance wise, it only took a few minutes until I got used to the feel of the keyboard and mouse and back to my gaming style.Overall, this combo is an excellent option for budget gaming builds. They perform on par with those $100+ branded ones. If you prefer a keyboard with palm rest, then look for their other variant for an additional cost, but if you’re ok without a palm rest, this combo is for you. Will I buy this again? Well, this is my second set for another build, so yes. Highly recommended.

  5. 10

    Mike J

    The keyboard is very nice and clicky. very bright lights. it has 5 different lighting modes plus 3 customizable modes (so u can light up your own custom layout, like WASD). also comes with a keycap remover. keyboard is pretty heavy and grippy so no problem there. both the keyboard and the mouse have a braided non-removable cable. no problems with the keyboard at all. the mouse isnt great. its quite large and the DPI options arent the best (for me). The lights on the mouse isnt as bright as the keyboard, that can be a con or pro depending on the person. i bought this set and then bought a g502 hero. the mouse is about 10-15% larger and bulkier than the g502. The mouse isnt the worst out there, but its nothing compared to a g502. i would say its a great beginner mouse for people starting off gaming for pc. its fine for everyday use though. For the price, you are getting a amazingly priced mechanical clicky (cherry mx blu clone) keyboard and a free mouse. great value

  6. 10


    This is a perfect solution for me, in my home office PC. The only reason I didn’t give 5 out of 5 stars, was because my old keyboard had an individual key for the calculator, this keyboard you have to press the Function key then F8 to get to the calculator. Besides that, this is an excellent replacement for my 6 year old Microsoft keyboard that died on me. All keys are working flawlessly! I love the RGB colors and other colors for both the keyboard and mouse. If I was an avid gamer, I would consider this combo as well. Some may disagree with me on that statement, but I don’t play many games myself. I just wanted a replacement keyboard and mouse which is wired, and this does the trick, and at a cheaper price than combos that aren’t RGB.Also if you’re worried about the brightness of the RGB being emitted, no worries there! I turned off my lights and tried to see if those lights would bother me in another room, and they’re not bright enough to bother you for sleeping. Also you can turn both of the RGB lights off if they’re bothersome for you. The keys have a great feel for typing and the keyboard has to tabs on the bottom to elevate it if you were curious. If this is something for home office or gaming that you need, then get it, you won’t go wrong here!

  7. 10

    Aaron Moore

    Far exceeds expectations!Hard to believe the quality is THIS good for such a low price!If I were gaming with it I would go with the full RGB model but for my desk at the office this more than meets what I thought I would get for the price.I have more expensive mechanicals that cost 5 times as much and I genuinely like this board just as much.Feels great!Sounds great! (Blues)IS Great Build Quality!And…The mouse is genuinely of decent quality as well!For the price if you want a budget true mechanical keyboard with a decent mouse that has adjustable DPI tracking…I don’t believe you will do better than this kit.I will be buying much more Havit now that I have experienced their price to quality ration.Elated!

  8. 10

    Brandon Alexander

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     I am ALWAYS skeptical when i find things like this online, and this time was no different. However, i am blown away at the quality of this combo set for the price. The mouse is everything i hoped for and the Keyboard is a well-built Aluminum casing with multiple built in color patterns. Each color function key has atleast 3 settings applied to them(press FN+the key up to 3 times) except for the on/off function. If i could add just one thing, it would be to put 2 of these patterns together with their built in custom key mapping, however this only allows you to set up custom key BACKLIGHTING. Overall, i am thrilled with this, i will update if it dies on me quickly or if any issues arise.

  9. 10

    Derek Ramey

    I love this keyboard and mouse! It looks great and feels perfect. The mechanical feel really separates this product from competitors. Highly recommended!

  10. 10


    I have been using this product a few months now, and I will address the mouse and keyboard separately. I have used mechanical keyboards for a few years now, so it is a good time to give a review. I worked with computer animation programs on the side, game casually in FPS and MMORPGS, and wrote a few lengthy essays with this keyboard and mouse.Mouse:Dpi is meaningful, good response time, click pressure is fine. Cord length is adequate, braided cables sometimes get knotty, and while this one feels a little stiff, it has neither frayed nor knotted. It is aesthetically pleasing, the rgb cycling and color options are nice. Note: It is plug and play and does not connect with aura-sync or any other lighting unifiers to orchestrate colors. That is a different price point, and not considered a con to me.Keyboard: I actually bought this combo specifically for the keyboard and price point. Keys are responsive and do not ghost, which some people need to get used to, because if you accidentally hit two+ keys at once, all keys respond. I’ve tested it a few times, and about 23 keys appear at once, so be careful if you have exceptionally large fingers. Keys are also mechanical, and give a crisp click with proper pressure and push back nicely. If you are looking for an economic keyboard with a numpad, this one does well. Aesthetics are pretty cool. This is my first backlit keyboard and I like the neat features it offers for color pulsing, waves, and blinking. Note that it includes the rainbow in color, but each key is bound to that specific color, there is no color customization amongst keys. Both the keyboard and the mouse can turn the light off if it bothers you. At this price, I did not expect each key to be fully rgb, which is also worth noting that is also does not synchronize. The keyboard is also plug and play, just as the mouse. All the keys still feel good, and are spaced out well enough, except for one key. My “0 or )” feels no push, as if there is a different color mechanic or no mechanic behind it at all, as it does not click nor require pressure to push down. A little odd, but I did not remove a star from my rating, as it is likely an issue with just mine. Not worth returning over, as the rest of the keyboard is responsive and feels good. Finding a mechanical keyboard that has a full numpadIf the price is low like it was when I purchased it, I highly recommend this product for a person that either likes mechanical keyboards, or never tried one before and does not want to jump head first into mechanical keyboards and shell out serious cash.

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Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Programmable 7 Button Mouse and Keyboard

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