Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter with 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery and Up to 15.5 MPH

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  • [EXTREMELY FAST AND LONG-RANGE BATTERY LIFE] – A 250W motor propels the e-scooter to a max speed of 15. 5 MPH. High capacity battery with a maximum travel range of up to 18.6 miles
  • [PORTABLE FOLDING DESIGN] -Weighs just 26.9 lbs. Portable folding design for easy storage at home or hand carry when necessary. The sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum
  • [DOUBLE BRAKING SYSTEM] – Features a disc braking and eABS anti-lock braking system for an efficient, responsive braking distance of just 13.1ft. The large 8.5-inch front
  • [INTUITIVE AND EASY-TO-LEARN] – Intuitive controls simplify learning and use for all ages safely. 
  • [INTELLIGENT DESIGN]-The minimal yet modern design of Mi Electric Scooter with Multifunctional LED Display
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$659.99$739.99 (-11%)


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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    Matt Snyder

    I saw these scooters all over Santa Monica & discovered they were owned by a company started by an x Uber executive called Birdride. They are placed all over the city and a phone app is used to rent them. What’s really nice is you rent, travel and leave them at your destination. Pretty much anywhere. I used them multiple times before deciding to buy one.That said, my initial impression is the Xiaomi M365 is a high quality product. It arrived mostly assembled with the exception of the handlebar that required 4 screws to install. Also nice they include two extra tires and tubes. I’ve noticed some pretty nice solid tire options but so far the current ones work just fine!

  2. 07

    Derrick Martin

    Everyday I am out with this and there is always a conversation that happens because of this. This is my two months update after putting in 979 miles mainly in NYC + plus 1 rare wheel flat tire and tube which happened at mile 973. I did take it to a rural part of CT and it was also a fun short ride as well. Overall still amazing minus the flat! I do not use it in the rain or wet street. I do stay off sidewalks as much as possible. I’m about 5’11 and 165+. It takes roughly 5 hours or so for a full charge. 1 hour charge can give you about 2-3 miles of juice. After 2 months of heavy use, the battery is great!

  3. 07

    Gerald Noire

    Very happy with this scooter!

  4. 07

    Jeff Lambert

    Bounced around Santa Monica all weekend on these via the Bird app, so it was a no-brainer to get one at home in Houston. Right combination of price, range, speed and a huge community of riders online. I commute to work downtown, then take it to lunch without sweating in Texas heat. I’ve biked for years, but people on the street love to high-five and yell hi to you on this. There’s always someone chatting you up about it. Range is pretty amazing, but on all-day excursions over 15 miles, the charger just fits in my shorts pocket, allowing recharges in the corner of a brewery patio or park. Combining this with Houston’s light rail system, or throwing it in the back of an Uber, opens up the whole city.

  5. 07

    Andrew Peterson

     The scooter turned on and was ready to go straight out of the box. I had some issues figuring out how to connect to the Mi Home and Ninebot app but then was able to fix it

  6. 07

    Tony Konzal

    I rented a BIRD scooter last weekend and my friend and I found this (the same model) and ordered them! So fun! I work on a campus and it’s perfect for zipping around during the day for lunch and meetings. I could even see myself commuting a little with this, especially if I had to park a little distance away.I got the SLIME, and will put that in my tires this weekend, but so far I have gone ~7 miles and the tires are working fine. I did order a phone mount, a helmet, and a lock for this. I am 6’6″, so if you are worried about being too tall for it, don’t be! So far this thing is awesome!

  7. 07

    Darius Hall

    I’ve written entire emails to my friends about all it does which I never expected. I live in a large apartment building and its off the charts helpful.- load up garbage on top to scoot to the chute- put my loads of laundry on for the machine down hall (child handlebars are great hooks)- take my son to and from car – put lower kid handle bars on there. he refuses to walk now. :)- beat pants off bicycles in the bike lane w/ torque- shaved 30 minutes off my work commute each way as I can take the train into city for last mile- can take into any store to pick up groceries (can’t do on a bike). also small tire in front so no issues holding huge bags in front- can ride to my car in garage thru hallways of apartment building- can ride any way on street, never stop for red lights – motorcycles and bikes usually stop- can squeeze in between car and sidewalk to keep moving – bicycles are wider and have to stop- I have a tesla and love this more!!

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Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter with 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery and Up to 15.5 MPH

$659.99$739.99 (-11%)