JBL T500BT Wireless Headphone with Deep Bass and Noise Cancellation

$99.99$120.00 (-17%)

  • JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • 16H battery life | 2H recharging time and speed charge (5mins = 1H)
  • Lightweight and foldable design
  • Ask Siri or Google Now
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$99.99$120.00 (-17%)











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27 Reviews For This Product

  1. 27

    Jamie Ledter

    This is my favorite earphone! Sound quality is very good, I enjoy the movies and music with the earphone, no noise, it filter the noise very good. I like it so much!

  2. 27


    I bought these after my Beats stopped working. Don’t get me wrong I had the Beats for 5+ years and got a ton of use out of them. When it came to buying to new pair I just couldn’t pull the trigger on another $200+ purchase. So I gave these a try and they have been outstanding and for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend these for a less expensive alternative to Beats. The price and quality are great.

  3. 27


    These are quality headphones. I prefer over the ear sets, but these are good for on ear.

  4. 27


    Great product!

  5. 27


    Love love love!!!!! I really like how I can listen to music on my iPad but if my phone rings it will automatically prioritize my phone call. It links to multiple devices at the same time.

  6. 27

    Michael A. Druckenmiller

    I am wearing them and when someone comes up I have to take them off to hear them speaking in a normal voice. This is awesome for when you can’t block out surrounding conversations and you are trying your best to concentrate on writng good code. Sound quality is very good. Not sure if it’s very flat, or if my listening tastes are affecting my perceptions. But, it’s nothing judicious use of Windows Media Players EQ won’t fix, 🙂

  7. 27

    Gunjan Das

    Sound Is perfect

  8. 27

    Kimberly C

    These just arrived today and I already love them. On almost the lowest volume it sounded like I was in a movie theater. They are very comfortable (a few reviews stated they were too small- they fit my head great and I am a grown woman). I heard no noise outside of the headphones. So far, these are a great deal

  9. 27

    Maria Garcia

    I use it everyday in an outdoor run or at the gym and it’s perfect cause it doesn’t have cable and stays fixed in the head. Noise cancellation is awesome and so it the sound quality. Best headphone I’ve ever used

  10. 27

    James D. Zabel III

    These headphones are down right outstanding. I specifically bought these for gym use but they have become my everyday go to’s. I have had them for about three weeks using them for about 1.5-2 hours a day and I havent had to charge them yet?!?!? They sound incredible and were seamless to pair with multiple devices, truly an amazing product, can not recommend these enough.

  11. 27

    Edgar A Reyes

    Very good quality of sound, you can hear every detail. Once you have the on, it does cancel all noice. What I love about these headphones is the battery life, I play music and YouTube for days and these things keeps going.

  12. 27

    Bassman Joe

    Coincidentally, when I saw this request to review in my email I was listening to my playlist in my Google Play. I’ve been a longtime lover of JBL products. From their BT portable speakers to their high end home audio loudspeakers. I’m the proud owner of some of a little bit of everything they manufacturer because of the quality. Well I just restarted my gym membership & my 1st day I realized I was missing something which would be extremely helpful to remain focused & motivated. My music! As I looked around the gym almost everyone had on some kind electronic headgear. So afterwards I took a trip into an area Walmart to see what was on the market at a reasonable price. I saw these in the showcase for $50. I love Amazon because they give me a reference to shop from & if you can’t beat Amazon then bye! Amazon had them for $10 cheaper & because they were JBL I didn’t have to think twice about the purchase.These BT headphones don’t just provide premium reproduction they are comfortable to the point you almost forget they’re on your head.

  13. 27

    Amazon Customer

    Good sound, well built, good price. Sits tight on the head, will work for gym workout. One and only awkward thing I’ve noticed is that volume increase button is located in the rear of the (right) headphone, and the decrease is located in the front. Counter intuitive for me, but will get used to it.

  14. 27

    Jill hodges

    I was hesitant about buying these bc of some of the reviews, but I’m glad I did!!!!! First off, they are plastic, so why complain about the plastic? Secondly, I’m not very tech savvy but was able to connect these to my phone and older model(not smart) tv thru my roku(roku app for phone makes every roku model voice controlled). Thirdly, if you are breaking these, you arent taking care of them. For $10 you can buy a case for these headphones on amazon and for $6 you can purchase a 3 year warranty. Idk why people are complaining about the sound. I listen to my music loud and have speakers in my car trunk and I still havent had to turn these up all of the way! I’m glad I didn’t fork over $200 for more expensive headphones!!!!! $65 for unit, case, and 3yr warranty. I’m all smiles. Now I can binge watch my shows while my gf sleeps. Buy them! You wont be disappointed!!!!!

  15. 27

    Tamim Khan Sahib

    It’s light and adjustable to fit any head size , very good sound will recommend you .

  16. 27

    Scrubjay in CA

    I use these on a spin bike. As over-the-ear phones, they don’t get drenched in sweat. Much better sound than any earbuds. I’ve used them outside in the garden, etc. and the stay on pretty well. Tried to use them jogging and other bouncy activities, but they slip off pretty quickly. We;l priced.

  17. 27


    Absolutely LOVE this product.. I will be buying more!! The sound is amazing, great fit, the world dissapeared with the noise cancelling option.

  18. 27


    The charge lasts so long! Clear with nice bass. Long range on the Bluetooth.I use them for work and then the perfect knock around headphones

  19. 27

    david young

    Absolutely love these headphones! For the price you can’t beat it. The sound is awesome! Love that I can talk with them on if a call comes in!!

  20. 27


    Great for the gym. They don’t shift or move while lifting or running. I always wondered why people wear an over the ear type headphone at the gym and now I know why. Battery life is great. Blocks out ambient noise well. Great price for what you get?

  21. 27


    They were very good headphones for the price. Bass was not the greatest quality. Great battery life. Had no problems with Bluetooth connectivity

  22. 27

    Diana Galindo

    Great quality headphones, sound quality is also good. I do wish I could lower the volume a little more. Even at the lowest setting its a little loud for me. Another thing i wish i could silent is the sound it makes when powering off. Other than that I really enjoy them.

  23. 27

    Black Lilithx

    I work all day in a wash bay washing cars and needed something that could handle some humidity and wear and tear and these are it. The battery last me a few days. I’ve had these for about few months now and they are holding up well. They don’t really cancel noise. But that’s okay I need to be able to hear around me anyways. I like the folding design for easy storage. The sound is okay. Not top notch 500 buck quality but it’s enjoyable. Just have to eq the settings in your phone. Works perfectly with my iPad or my galaxy note 9.

  24. 27

    Joshua Hirtle

    These headphones seriously surpassed my expectations. By far. They are comfortable, charge quickly, and hold a charge like a champ. The sound quality is crisp and the bass is far more powerful than I had expected from a pair of headphones in such a low price tag. Overall, I’d absolutely reccommend these to a friend.

  25. 27

    Kizer so say

    JBL has always made good speakers, and these are no different. These are a fraction of the price, sound is crystal clear and the bass is very nice. Light weight and feels durable. Just buy them, you won’t regret it.

  26. 27


    justified! I just opened these headphones on Xmas morning and WOW, just awesome! For the price, you really can’t beat the quality/product. I have no idea how Bose or Beats compare, but they definitely cost MUCH, MUCH more than these headphones. Enjoy.

  27. 27

    DR. Keith

    I wanted to get Bluetooth headphones that I could use with my TV in a wireless fashion. I tried an add-on Bluetooth transmitter and had substantial lag that made listening a chore. I tried another brand of Headphones only to discover that they were not fully compatible with either of my Bluetooth transmitters. I am now using these JBL headphones and an Amazon Fire TV Stick (with built in Bluetooth) . No lag, crisp sound, and a great value. Of course, at the price you will not get the same quality of sound that you would with $200 headphones (the reason for only 4 stars). But these JBL’s sound much better than other sub $75 units. AND they work with all of my Bluetooth units with NO noticeable lag!!! I can now watch TV, and listen to music on my cell phone and TV without disturbing anyone. A very enjoyable experience. Good build quality too. Thank you JBL…

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JBL T500BT Wireless Headphone with Deep Bass and Noise Cancellation

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